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How The Team is Governed

The Reston Masters Swim Team is governed by the RMST Board according to the team's by-laws. The Board consists of:

  • Four elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer)
  • Two appointed officers (Membership Chair, Social Chair)
  • Six at-large directors (The Lane Meisters)
  • All Past Presidents not already on the board.

The Board meets on a quarterly basis to discuss team concerns (pool time, dues, costs, social events, etc.) and votes on all issues that affect the team.

The Board holds a team meeting at least once a year. All team members are encouraged to attend.

Any decisions the Board approves will be communicated to the team via the Coach, the Lane Meisters, the Communications Chair, and the RMST web site.

If you have any team concerns or questions, please contact one of the officials listed below:

RMST Officials

Coach Frank Koval
President * Gordon Gerson
Vice President * Chun Hong
Secretary * Michelle Moyer
Treasurer * Sheryl Katsaros
Membership Chair * Jen O'Reilly
Communications Chair Michelle Moyer
Social Chair * Fred Greenwald
Lake Swim Director Larry Paulson
Lake Swim Hydrographer Sam Scoggin
Potomac Valley Liaison Gordon Gerson
Webmaster Nick Nobbe
USMS Editorial Committee Chair/
Past President *
Lynn Hazelwood
  * RMST Board Member

Lane Meisters *

A Lane Meister is a team member who regularly attends practice and who provides team information to all the swimmers in his/her lane. Lane Meisters are also on the RMST Board.

Please make sure your Lane Meister has your correct email address and phone number.

If there is an unexpected pool closure or some other emergency, your Lane Meister will need to contact you as soon as possible.

Gordon Gerson
Assistant Überlanemeister
Frank Koval
Assistant Überlanemeister
Michelle Moyer
Lane 1 Jen O'Reilly
Lane 1 Steve Levenson
Lane 2 Jayme Van Erden
Lane 2 Kim Brightwell
Lane 3 Lynne Wymelenberg
Lane 3 Michelle Moyer
Lane 4 Aurora Swanson
Lane 4 Mike Kenworthy
Lane 5 Nick Nobbe
Lane 5 John Yendt
Lane 6 Lucy Manheim
Lane 6 Dean Rogers

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